Prenatal & Mommies 

Prenatal Yoga means union; the practice of prenatal yoga offers the expectant mother an opportunity to explore the union between herself and her unborn child.
Join us for this new offering at Riverstone Yoga this Fall.
Explore the practice of prenatal yoga in a warm, safe, and gentle environment where you will find support for your mind, body, and spirit during this unique time in your life. Connect with your unborn child, your body and breath, and a community of other expectant mothers. You will learn techniques, meditations, and exercises to support you physically, mentally, and spiritually during pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.
Benefits of prenatal yoga:
• Enhances the experience of pregnancy
• Reduces stress levels in pregnancy
• Helps tone and strengthen muscles and improves balance, circulation, and flexibility
• Helps alleviate pregnancy discomforts
• Promotes bonding with baby
• Positively enhances the mental and emotional health of the baby
• Helps prepare for labor and childbirth
• Builds community for expectant mothers
We invite you to set aside some time to explore the practice of prenatal yoga with us. We ask that you consult with your healthcare provider before practicing with us.

PRENATAL with TORI: Thursday 6:30-7:45pm & Sunday 8:30am - 9:45am

Mommy Yoga (8 weeks to crawlers) The birth of a child and becoming a parent is truly a special time in one’s life. This non-hot (Exhale Room) Vinyasa Flow-based yoga class is for new (and /or experienced) mommies/daddies who are looking to start, or get back into yoga along side your new precious bundle. Babies will get a chance to bond with their parent having freedom to be involved in the yoga as little or as much as they want. This class is appropriate for all levels, with special attention to gentle stretching, toning, breath work and meditation for more “mindful parenting.” The flow sequences and asanas (poses) will have energy to get the body moving and blood flowing It will also be an opportunity for parents to come together in a yoga community, connect and share with others. Yoga practiced with your baby is a powerful way to connect with your new child. In this class, many of the asanas (poses) are geared towards helping Mommy reclaim her physique. Mommy Yoga offers a wonderful opportunity to join or create a community of new mothers and friends with similar healthy goals and parenting styles.

MOMMY YOGA with TOMO:  Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am