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Vinyasa Blend This alignment-based (in the Iyengar tradition) vinyasa class consists mainly of an asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing) practice. The asana work - inversions, twists, balancing poses are designed to release the armor that limits the physical body, pranayama helps to soothe the nervous system. This is an open-level class, though knowledge of basic yoga postures and beginning inversions is helpful.

Align & Energize An excellent class for all levels who would like to learn or revisit foundational elements in their yoga practice. This is an alignment focused class moves slowly allowing you time to explore and understand different highlighted postures each week, helping to reveal the inner mechanics as they sit and feel in YOUR body. You will explore elements found in traditional sun salutations, backbends, twists and more - get inspired and aligned in body, mind and energy!

Vinyasa Series - Level II This class will take you through classic yoga series with sun salutations, the standing and seated postures, backbends, and the closing sequence based on the Ashtanga practice. A somewhat vigorous class, most appropriate for students with some yoga experience, however, all are welcome.

Beginning Gentle Yoga This beginning class is based on the classic Ashtanga Yoga but in a slow-paced, gentle practice designed for beginners. You'll start with breathing that warms up the body, followed by learning Sun Salutations, several fundamental standing and seated poses, restorative finishing poses, a guided pranayama, and a meditation exercise. Students will learn how to synchronize their breath with each movement and how to assist themselves with the use of props..

Hot 26- Bikram Yoga inspired by classic Bikram series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and 2 Pranayama breathing exercises carefully designed to provide a challenging, invigorating, and rejuvenating yoga practice. Conducted in a heated room, this Bikram inspired yoga detoxifies the body through perspiration, tones the muscles. Gentle enough for post-injury exercise. All age and experience levels are welcome.

Hot Rock Flow Riverstone's signature hot flow class is a combination of the Bikram 26 postures entwined with elements of classic vinyasa flow and integrates postures from other yoga styles. A beautifully blended class is design to get your heart pumping as you work non-stop asanas deeply and completely. Class is practiced in a heated room to 104 degrees to stretch and strengthen the body as it systematically restores all systems to optimal health. Music accompanies this hot and sweaty class to help you transcend and transform.

Living Forrest This class has its foundation based on the teachings of Ana Forrest but comes ALIVE with the heart and soul of our teacher, Isabella. In this yoga-based, warm class you'll find elements of traditional yoga teachings mixed with light-hearted fun of belly dancing and topped off with some unusual wraps and twist leaving you to wonder, "How'd I Do That?" Every class is a little different but all contain some deep core work and long luxurious stretching. Class is full of breath and fire, it's challenging but manageable and fun, good for all students with some yoga or dance experience. Class is supported by cool music opening you to the feel, rhythm and beatings of your own heart - you'll leave blissed out!.

Forrest Yoga (warm) Forrest yoga is a method of practice created by Ana Forrest. The practice is founded on four pillars of breath, strength, integrity and spirit. It is a dynamic practice with deep emphasis on the Core through abdominal sequences and longer held postures. This cultivation of inner strength causes a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. Forrest Yoga celebrates individuality and the power of the spirit. It is a dynamic and mindful yoga method that builds flexibility, intelligence and strength while helping students deepen the relationship to his or her authentic self.

Vinyasa - Precise Power Flow Torch calories, earn sleek muscles and calm your mind with this vigorous, alignment-based vinyasa practice. This multilevel class will offer modifications to those new to yoga as well as challenges for seasoned yogis and yoginins, allowing everyone to work their edge and relax deeply..

Mesh Yoga (warm) Discover MeshYoga, a precise and exquisite method of teaching which transforms a traditional yoga class by integrating the fluid movements of modern dance and Tai Chi all in a toasty, warm studio. This is a precision-based teaching method that has been developed to help awaken your chi, your own personal energy and expression. This class full of inversion, arm balances, twists will wake up your senses with this exuberant fusion of styles and do so while learning to practice safely. The MeshYoga style is designed to allow student to experience for themselves their own truth and find the integrated power of Yoga.

River Rock Flow Our 75 minute 'RiverRock Flow' class opens you up body & soul, you'll leave feeling balanced, relaxed and centered. An energizing (Level I / II) class that starts with simple movements that naturally awaken and invigorate, then we kick up your asanas (postures) moving you into progressively more challenging sequences and elevated flow, all set to contemporary and classic rock music. You'll build your stamina and strength while developing grace and flexibility with this unique class.

Skybody™ FLOAT® Aerial Yoga Skybody™ FLOAT® Aerial Yoga is program of aerial fitness and yoga for those students looking to expand their practice with a sense of freedom and support through the use of aerial hammocks. FLOAT® hammocks are suspended at hip height, allowing traditional yoga poses to be experienced with body weight distributed between the hammock and the floor. FLOAT® students methodically build upper body and core strength with support, learning to master inversions, backbends and more away from the wall with the assistance of the hammock, Deep stretching is furthered with gravity’s hand..

Vinyasa & Restore This all levels class is designed to renew and re-energize your yoga practice. Class will start with 45 minutes of foundational Vinyasa flow designed to create internal heat as you connect body and breath. We then transition to a restorative/yin practice to help release deep tension and stress within your body - this class balances effort and ease..

Vinyasa Yoga synchronizes breathe with movement. Vinyasa yoga tends to be based on the performance of Sun Salutations and is often paired with various styles of music. Class difficulty and sequence will be dependent on the instructor and level. The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, and will test the edge of your balance and flexibility. Vinyasa classes are best if you are already physically active, comfortable with the basic yoga postures, and appreciate a healthy sweat. Depending on the level, Vinyasa classes often include advanced postures such as handstands, arm balances or backbends.


Level I: Beginner classes are designed to give you the time and support to understand the basics in proper alignment of yoga asanas (postures) and breathing techniques. Our instructors are experts at helping you build confidence in your complete yoga experience.

Level II: Intermediate classes are designed to challenge you to expand your strength, stamina, and flexibility as you master more advanced postures (inversions, backbends) and more demanding sequences.

Level III: Advanced classes expand on the acquired physical and mental familiarity with arm balances, inversions, and backbends. You can expect sequences and variations to move very quickly.

Hot Classes: Classic hot class 26 temperatures will reach 100 degrees with controlled humidity. Our Hot Flow classes are in a warmed room between 90-95%. Our radiant heated floor keeps the temperature consistent and warm where you want it. Heat and humidity is constantly monitored to ensure consistency each and every class.

Warm Classes: In our warm classes the supplement heat is turned off, fans are turned on and the room temperature drops to 85-90 degrees. Our radiant heated floor remains on keeping you toasty warm but not Bikram level hot.

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