Aerial Yoga

Float® Aerial Yoga is a heartfelt connection to Yoga with the use of aerial hammocks suspended from the ceiling - this is yoga with the use of a new prop! Our aerial yoga program embraces key hatha yoga techniques such as Pranayama and cultivates a mindful connection to physical movement.

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Our aerial hammocks act as a support system to assist and achieve better balance in poses that might otherwise be more challenging. The hammocks help to “track” joints that are compressed due to stress or overwork, allowing gravity to open and release them, ultimately relieving tension and tightness in the musculature around. This helps students find new space in their bodies and practice resulting in greater freedom and range of motion. Aerial yoga is a playful way to find dynamic balance which increases stability and core strength.

Float® Aerial Yoga will help any yoga practitioner deepen their asana practice and find uniquely restorative and meditative relaxation.

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Space is limited to 10 hammocks therefore pre-registration is required and a 24-Hour cancellation policy is in effect.

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